Are you looking for how to embed Instagram feeds on website? Don’t worry; I will provide simple and easy ways to insert the Instagram posts on your website that your customers share.

Instagram feed on website
Instagram feed on website

With these amazing tools, you can insert the Instagram feeds on your website that helps generate more leads and increase user engagement.

There are much time consuming ways to insert the Instagram posts in your website, but what if there is a tool that instantly fetches the relevant Instagram feeds and embed them in your website with a single line code.

There is no need to crop the…

Social Aggregator Tool helps you to aggregates social media feeds from multiple sources to a unified source.

For example — You’ve purchased a new iPhone, what would you do next? First of all, you’d be damn happy about your new purchase and share the images of the product with your friends and followers.

Later, after using the product for a while, you’ll either be satisfied with the product or unsatisfied. In such a case, you’ll share the experience with others again on the social media platforms. …

With the growing trust issues between brands and customers, building a bridge that connects each other is crucial during this tough competition.

It is important for brands to focus on what the customers are looking for and demanding from brands & businesses.

Do you know what builds customer trust with your brand? The answer is reviews and recommendations from real and existing customers. About 92% of customers trust the reviews and recommendations shared by people, rather than advertisements.

People believe what other people are saying. As more than ninety percent of people ask for real customer reviews and recommendations, it…

User-Generated Content is defined as another type of content marketing which is basically generated and endorsed by the user of the product or services, by the unpaid marketers or better to call them the fan of a brand.

For better understanding, if a user is promoting a brand more than the brand itself through videos, posts, blogs, tweets, or pictures, then it is known as User Generated Content (UGC).

Why is User Generated Content So Important
Why is User Generated Content So Important

It would be fair if you call the UGC as another form of marketing, and to your shock, it is a constant also a successful player in endorsing a brand. You…

LinkedIn is one of the leading professional networking channels that connects millions of professionals from different domains and geolocation to one platform. The platform is used for sharing professional content, experiences, job opportunities, latest product updates, product launch, informative content, etc.

Now one might think how embedding LinkedIn feed to my website will help in engaging users or building trust. Well, to answer that, let’s think you are a B2B company and provides SaaS products to your clients.

Now for you to be active on a professional network like LinkedIn is crucial to build trust and reach a wider audience…

Customers reviews are a form of content that is seeing growing importance in recent times among potential customers, brands, and businesses globally.

As the influence of digital media is increasing, more and more consumers are moving towards online commerce and digital storefronts of brands i.e. website to complete their purchase intentions.

But the challenge with website as a storefront is that a business needs to have content that can build trust, engagement and drive conversions. This is where the role of customers’ Google reviews comes.

There are various methods of embedding Google reviews on website. …

Who does not know it as a social media manager: the creative muse is not always available, the super analytical brain is not always available, and the always empty money pot is never actually available. The following five practical tools can help to remedy this. Not only are they largely free of charge, but they also simplify the life of every social media manager.

1: Facebook Audience Insights

The Audience Insights Tool is a real miracle tool for everyone who also advertises on Facebook and is looking for more information about the selected user groups. The Audience Insights provide information about current or potential…

Visual content is one of the best examples of involving someone because it makes you stick more on visuals than text content.

visual content marketing
visual content marketing

Showing graphical content is one of the most aesthetic ways of engaging people. Visuals message is key to stand out from the noise and to deliver strong messages uniquely. According to a study, the human brain processes 60,000 times faster on visual parts than text; so visual content helps brands reach their consumers.

Just like on social media, where visuals create more interesting and engaging posts, visual marketing can also generate more engagement or communication between brands and…

Social media is becoming highly important and influential for the users and the brands in this digital age. There are over 3.5 billion active social media users and millions of brands actively using it to promote their brands and offerings.

Social Media Feed Widget

Many of the brands are now taking their social media efforts to next-level by integrating it into their website to leverage the benefits of social media and grow their online business.

Brands are using social media feed widgets to create and embed their social media feeds on their website.

Best Elfsight Alternative for Website Widget

Here we present you the 4 best elfsight alternative that are…

The distance between your social media and your website should be kept minimum, that is the latest marketing strategy to adopt. Having your brand active on social media isn’t enough now.

The integration of social media and websites is helpful in so many ways not to miss this marketing trend. The majority of your audience spends considerable time on their social media accounts, this has become the best pathway to make your audience reach out to you themselves.

Ways To Integrate Social Media On Website

To make it easy for you here were have listed some of the strategies you…

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