10 Best Facebook Widget Wordpress Plugins

Facebook is one of the most commonly used social networking sites. The traffic on Facebook makes it more useful for businesses and brands to advertise their products or services to reach a maximum of customers & new potential customers.

The key to run a successful business is to gain maximum attention from your audience and to promote well & advertise your products and services.

Facebook has a user base of around 1.79 billion active users daily and 2.7 billion active users monthly. Adding a Facebook widget on WordPress website could be way more beneficial in acquiring your business goals.

Unification of Facebook and WordPress!

Facebook was the first social media platform that people used for networking. Undoubtedly, the huge fanbase of Facebook has led brands & businesses to advertise their services or products on this platform.

And WordPress, one of the most widely used platforms for creating websites. Now, the task of integrating social media into WordPress has become easier, all because of the WordPress Facebook widgets and Plugins!

WordPress Facebook widgets have made it possible to add social media feeds on a WordPress website with less effort and time consumption.

Adding widgets to your WordPress website will add value to your Website shaping it more functional, engaging, and captivating, which will help you in bringing social proof to your Website.

Brief about Facebook Widgets

In simple terms, Facebook widgets are the tools that let you accommodate your Facebook page feeds into your WordPress site.

Whether you want to add the posts of your Facebook page, share comments of your users, or want to showcase your users’ love on your Website, the WordPress Facebook widgets have made it all possible.

It’s a matter of a few clicks to prepare and assemble a WordPress Facebook widget on your Website. You can add widgets to the header, footer, or sidebar of the Website.

Benefits of adding Facebook Widgets on your Website

Facebook widgets is a catalogued or formulated way of showcasing your Facebook activities on a website.

The benefits which you will drive after harmonizing Facebook widgets are numerous, yet, some of the most important and engaging ones are listed as:

  1. Enhanced user interaction and increased audience reach.
  2. Adding a Facebook widget to your Website will give your visitors a visual treat.
  3. It will engage your audience and will keep them on your Website for a bit longer.
  4. Improvised brand recognition and brand enhanced brand awareness.
  5. Save time by sharing the update or any upcoming events on any one platform and share it with the audience of both the platforms.

10 Best WordPress Facebook Widgets

Tagbox Widget is all about collecting, curating, and showcasing feeds from all the social media platforms along with Facebook.

To add the Taggbox Facebook widget on your Website, install Taggbox Widget WordPress Plugin, and create your account.

Then you need to follow simple steps for curating all of your Facebook feeds on your Website. The easy to use interface has made it one of the best WordPress Facebook Widget.

  1. Worth the price.
  2. Numerous customization options are available.
  3. Integrated with 15+ social media platforms.
  4. Multi-tasking.
  5. Easy-to-use Interface.

Try Taggbox Widget — Start Your 14 Days Free Trial

It is the complete tool in which the Facebook widget is an inclusive feature. Jetpack encapsulates WordPress built plugins that will help you in improvising the efficiency of your Website.

Its free version has most of the features, though the pro version is available in case you need more advanced features. You need to simply sign-up, and you will be able to access all of its features like the WordPress Facebook widget.

Facebook has been used predominantly for publicizing businesses and brands. It is important to conduct certain campaigns, contests, or events to keep your audience engaged and to interact with your audience.

By using Facebook events calendar for WordPress, you can showcase them on your Website as well.

It will help you in maximizing the audience reach about the events even if you can select the type of outlined design to make it more captivating.

Facebook Feed widget is the combination of 4 different plugins, which are assembled in this single widget. Its key feature is that it can help you in showcasing Facebook posts, photos, videos, and event calendars all from one single widget. You can use it even for a mobile-friendly WordPress website.

This widget enables you to manually choose the option to display the feeds from all social media platforms or Facebook only.

You can easily filter or customize the representation manner of the social media feeds on the Website.

With the help of this widget, you can showcase the most updated or recent comments from your Facebook posts automatically.

You can opt for the manual approval of the comments that need to be displayed on the widget to maintain the quality of the displayed content.

Facebook reviews pro helps you to demonstrate the reviews of your Facebook page in the form of a widget.

It will help you in building the trust of your visitors towards your brand. The key feature of this WordPress Facebook widget is that it allows users to filter the inappropriate or offensive content from the curated data.

This facebook widget is an easy plugin for adding posts, timelines, covers, and photos all from your Facebook page to your WordPress website.

You can customize it according to you, and you can use it directly from Facebook.

It is one of the most efficient, useful, and easy plugins to use for embedding Facebook feeds on your Website. You can customize it manually, according to your preferences also, it’s easy to install & use.

As the name suggests, this is the easiest plugin to use, and fully customizable options are available to incorporate Facebook feeds on your Website.

It has the most advanced features and an option to display multiple feeds.

Finding it difficult to decide which WordPress Facebook widget you should use on your site? No to worry, out of these you can choose which suits you the best according to your requirements and needs.

I’m Anne and I’m a digital marketer and technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends.

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